Mentor High School Gossip Makes Rounds Via Twitter


Third time's the charm, as some are wont to say, but the future doesn't bode well for @MentorCrushes3, a gossipy Twitter account accruing fans and enemies around Mentor High School.

In between yawns, we happened to notice that some serious shit was brewing over in Mentor. Twitter had dismantled two accounts aimed at proliferating anonymous crushes at the high school. The original accounts, @MentorHighCrush and @MentorCrushes2, were suspended following instances of inappropriate messages, defamatory remarks and at least one too many mentions of "$wag."

Brandon Baker at Mentor's Patch blog posted the story yesterday, though things have developed since then. The third incarnation of the account has weakly garnered 48 followers as of Wednesday afternoon, a far cry from the other accounts' 400+ followers.

A whole lotta nonsense, but one question does remain: Who's gonna start @StatehouseCrush?

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