Basketball in Lakewood is a Really Touchy Subject


An account published by Anthony Davis over at illustrates a fairly amazing breadth of controversy surrounding Lakewood's Kauffman Park basketball court.

Basically, a 58-year-old man flipped out and damn near started fighting several pre-teens because they were shooting hoops after-hours (8 p.m.). Instead, he threw some punches at a 48-year-old man who witnessed the argument and stepped in to defend the kids.

Kauffman Park - and those rowdy teenagers with their sports games - has become a sore spot for neighbors who just really don't like the fact that they live next to a public basketball court. Over the past few years, City Council meetings have become soapboxes for Lakeland Avenue residents taking local leaders to task for allowing nonsense like *basketball* to take place in their city.

Seriously, read the full story. It's nuts.


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