A New Chapter in the Uncle Drew Saga



If you've been following Kyrie Irving's off-court exploits (or even if you haven't), you know that he doubles as the Pepsi Max mascot and spinner of oldschool b-ball wisdom, Uncle Drew. Today, Irving (through Pepsi) has released the third chapter in Uncle Drew's chronicles.

The story follows an aging — but still incredibly nimble — former hoops player who's trying to get his old team back together. In this installment, Drew collects his old pal "Lights" (played by Nate Robinson, in exquisite hair and makeup) and Betty Lou, Lights' current or former flame?

The production value remains extremely high, and continues to get mileage out of the exact same scenario: Old guys arrive at a pickup game. Old guys are rusty at first. Old guys emerge as phenomenal basketball players and the crowd goes bonkers as they drink their Pepsi Max.

Irving probably won't become a Hollywood director anytime soon, but any opportunity to see him crossover unsuspecting defenders is a good opportunity. The Cavs' season opener is on Wednesday night against the Brooklyn Nets.


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