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Bob Mould

With Mikey Machine and Mike Uva. Thursday, November 18, at the Grog Shop.


Bob Mould's transition from hardcore to scripting professional wrestling made sense on a certain level, though his transition from fast-as-it-gets punk to dance DJ is a little harder to fathom. Mould, if you're just tuning in, fronted Hüsker Dü, the Minneapolis band that took the Ramones' formula -- count-off, blazing-fast song, and repeat without a break -- to its physical threshold in the early '80s. Dü slowed down gorgeously, and Mould carried that gradual loss of velocity into the conventional rock of Sugar and singer-songwriter material of his solo career. The Bob-as-Bob discs weren't consistently great, but they had moments that dropped jaws and opened hearts.

In 2002, Mould took a left turn into electronica with the albums Modulate and Long Playing Grooves. More recently, he's settled into Washington, D.C., where he remixes tracks, goes to shows (Interpol's a recent favorite), and blogs, posting links to Mother Jones articles, fretting about the Big Red Machine, and helping young gay men come to terms with their identity. He also hosts Blowoff, a weekly DJ night that mixes punk and six types of dance music. For this tour, however, he's introducing material from his upcoming sixth solo album, a return to the guitar.

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