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Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band

With Eric Church. Saturday, December 16, at the Q.



"Politicians, whores, and ugly buildings all get respect if they stay around long enough," says actor John Huston's creepy character in Chinatown.

Reverence also comes to surviving rock and roll warriors -- along with platinum sales, a hall of fame induction, and a never-ending ad campaign to boot. And in Bob Seger's case, it's almost as if he planned this from the get-go. In a culture where youth and its attendant attitudes drive pop music, Seger has crafted a completely contradictory persona -- one bent on celebrating that old-time rock and roll. Thirty years ago, the dude was already bitchin' about "new" sounds. And before it was used to sell pickup trucks, "Like a Rock" quickly established itself as an anthem for baby boomers proud that they could still get it up. Strategy or not, veteran rock fans should be coming out in droves for Seger's first tour in a decade.

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