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With Bison & Sevlyn. 8 p.m. Friday, January 4. Jigsaw Saloon and Stage, 5324 State Rd., Parma, 216-351-3869.



AC/DC tribute Bonfire kicks off 2008 by playing the Back in Black album in its entirety. And any time that you can see a tight rendition of a whole record that's sold over 10 million copies, your music-loving butt should be there. Unless it's that one by the Eagles. P.S.: If you've never eaten at the Jigsaw, you're not even beginning to make the most of your time in Northeast Ohio. Not even close. Seriously — fried food as fine art. Killer sandwiches too. And omelets. And popcorn. And beer. Anyhow, Bonfire, Back in Black, see you there.

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