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Booze and a Movie

Here's your chance to drunkenly holla back at the screen.


Cinephiles can keep their artsy-fartsy “film” houses. At Nemeth’s Lounge’s weekly movie nights, the club unspools screen gems that people actually want to see, says bartender Lou Medgysi. “It’s more comfortable in here. Plus, you can drink beers and shots while you watch movies.” Frat-boy classic Animal House screens tonight. “We show movies everyone has pretty much seen,” says Medgysi. “So you’re not missing out while bar noise still goes on.” In addition to all the usual kitchen hustle and bustle, Nemeth’s keeps its jukebox rockin’ throughout the night -- albeit at a lower volume. Still, “No pain-in-the-ass usher is going to get on you about your feet being up or making noise,” says Medgysi. “Matter of fact, it’s encouraged.”
Mon., Aug. 13, 10 p.m.

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