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Brian Ffar and Daniel Mnookin


From the city that built house music come two DJ/producers peddling techno of an extremely high caliber while still honoring the pioneering spirit of Chicago's '80s house innovators. Brian Ffar, who runs Siteholder Records with Daniel Mnookin and Billy Dalessandro, has been releasing tracks since 2004 and webcasting the Red Line Sessions ( since 2003.

In their DJ sets, Ffar and Mnookin favor minimal techno that's ornamented with quirky percussion and textural anomalies, while maintaining the jackin' rhythms that accelerate dancers' pulses. "I've been trying to educate people with fresh, innovative records that will make their heads spin, and I think the response has been extremely enthusiastic," says Ffar. So expect loads of tracks by obscure Europeans (Pantytec, MyMy, Cabanne) who record for small artist-run labels, along with output from such elite North American talent as Mossa and Bruno Pronsato -- and perhaps some of the duo's own material as well.

Every time Ffar and Mnookin command the decks, they offer a seminar on cutting-edge dance music, enabling you to gain knowledge while losing weight. It's a win/win proposition.

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