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Bruce Dickinson

Tyranny of Souls (Sanctuary)


In a distant hamlet where the sun rarely shines, a cruel, infernal beast has driven the villagers into their straw shacks for fear of their lives. They rarely venture out, for the creature can swoop down and make a meal of them at any time, as easily as if they were helpless lambs. Only one valiant knight can liberate them from the monster's debilitating clutches: the lordly metal hellion known as Bruce Dickinson.

Employing a stupendous howl which has slaughtered mummies and savaged orcs on past Iron Maiden records, Dickinson now has Roy Z. at his side. The guitarist and Judas Priest producer is capable of ripping the spleen from a dragon's vitals with one of his vicious solos. On Tyranny of Souls, these two beast-masters forge a fierce alliance, epic in its scope, magnificent in its virility, and gargantuan in its metal supremacy. With piercing sonic blasts like "Soul Intruders" and "Navigate the Seas of the Sun," this album is no mere piece of plastic, but a weapon that smites evil and conquers those who dare do the devil's unholy work.

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