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Buckcherry Gets Gimmicky on ‘F#ck”

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(F-Bomb Records)

Buckcherry is the band that just won't die. Initially, the hard rock group dissolved in 2002, but after that short hiatus, band founders Josh Todd and Keith Nelson reformed the group in 2005 and got a good second wind when the song "Crazy Bitch" went viral thanks to a racy music video. The gimmick on this short album is that all the songs have the word "fuck" in the title. A joke like this could go terribly wrong. But these guys never took themselves too seriously so they're able to pull it off. "Somebody Fucked With Me" sounds Rage Against the Machine (but without the astute political observations) as the guys lambast their parents and every institution you can think of. Makes Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutionalized" seem tame by comparison. "Say Fuck It," a cover of sorts of Icona Pop's "I Don't Care" is good fun and features some wild guitar solos. Ultimately disposable, the album has a certain charm.

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