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Burning Brides

With the Explosion and Year Future. Monday, August 16, at the Grog Shop.


Burning Brides
  • Burning Brides
Because not every member of the O.C. generation relates to earnest suburban skateboarders and Morrissey-worshiping alt-rockers, there's the Burning Brides. Handily representing the bad-seed kids who're always skipping class for a smoke or swigs from a 40 in the parking lot, the Philly trio epitomizes the latest wave of rock and rollers oozing out of the underground, looking to fulfill their heavy-metal fantasies. Their recently released second disc, Leave No Ashes, can be as grimy as a corner bar in Lakewood. Vocalist Dimitri Coats howls lines like "I want you gone!" like a deranged safety-pinned punk, as sludgy riffs schooled by repeated rotations of Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone Age burn below him. Like their V2 labelmates the Icarus Line, though, the Brides wed this stoner sleaze with British sensibilities -- such as their fuzzed-up version of Kinksian chime, in the case of "From You," the Who-meets-Zeppelin rocker "Heart Full of Black," and Coats's Richard Ashcroft impression on the piano-woozy "Last Man Standing."

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