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Burrito Deluxe

With Hayshaker Jones. Saturday, August 28, at the Beachland Ballroom.


Garth Hudson is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thanks to his membership in the Band. He did not write songs. He did not sing them. But before anyone accuses him of riding the coattails of better-known compatriots, thank about the first time you heard the Phantom of the Opera-style organ riffs that begin "Chest Fever." It was a great moment in the maturation of rock music and a bit of proof that its possibilities had few limits.

Sneaky Pete Kleinow knows a bit about boundary-pushing. He was the guy Gram Parsons tabbed to play steel guitar in the Flying Burrito Brothers, the band that introduced rock audiences to the joys of country music. Now, 35 years after these two hit the big time, Hudson and Kleinow are together in Burrito Deluxe, with singer-guitarist Carlton Moody, ex-Amazing Rhythm Aces bassist Jeff "Stick" Davis, and longtime session drummer Rick Lonow. Deluxe's publicity gang will tell you that the group's music defies categorization. The truth is, it's country. The reason is as much Moody's voice as Kleinow's steel. Moody owns a rich, round baritone that's everything a country singer's pipes are supposed to sound like, and he steals the show on the new CD The Whole Enchilada. Gram would be proud.

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