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Letters published October 13, 2004

So that's what you call them:
"The toughest fight of his life probably came in the third grade, when a tall girl kicked his ass . . ." I guess you want people to take this nonsense seriously, huh, Pete [Kotz: "Country Club Swagger," September 22]? You attack the first president with any balls whatsoever. I guess I could do the same with your silly little lefty column for a free paper, but I won't.

Thank God there are more counties in Ohio than Democrat-poisoned Cuyahoga. It seems like your goofy, liberal-journalist view isn't shared by as many in this state as you would like.

William David

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain: I loved your article! I am a real man. I can use the word "loved," knowing it will not diminish my manhood (wink). Keep up the expert writing. You see the facade, I see the facade, why doesn't 47 percent of America see it?

Patrick Carano

What would Jesus say? Read your column about "real men" and couldn't agree with you more about Jesus. But you conveniently neglected to mention that wind-surfing wimp, that limp-dick, liberal-pussy Kerry, who upon return from 'Nam stabbed us in the back and called his fellow veterans serial rapists, baby-killers, and war criminals! Anyone who served with me does not betray his fellow sailors -- and no, I'm not a lapdog Swifty, just a sailor who, unlike you and the other limp-dick liberals, served our country.

My son, a Navy pilot, really appreciates the wimp voting against body armor and three pay raises. I guess the billionaire Kerry figures that he already has his, so fuck everybody else -- especially our men and women in the armed forces!

Perhaps someday a towelhead will come by, yelling "Death to the infidel," shove an RPG up yours, and blow your brains out. One can only hope.

Michael Kafir

It's to drool over: A friend sent me your article "Country Club Swagger." Not only is it a brilliant political and character analysis, but it is also a terrific example of a definition of man. Gosh, you made my mouth water, just reading this! Your language is an ironic mix of formal language and badass slang! With rich detail, cultural references, and "manly" sentences, you have created an ideal illustration of how to have fun with language (while tackling a serious issue). I may not agree with your definition of a man completely, but that is because I think that all adult human beings should be so honorable, woman included. Nevertheless, your writing totally delights me.

Ellen Summy

Bomb 'em back to the stone age: Your column, "Country Club Swagger," is sickening! I'm a veteran who retired in 1994 after serving my country in two conflicts. Thousands of men and women fought and died to give you the very freedom you are allowed to express. No one twisted my arm and made me read your column. However, it is uncalled for. Just the same old biased crap. Maybe you had your ass kicked by a girl in the third grade and want to blame George W. Bush for it.

Maybe I should tell you what my father told me as a kid, "There is always someone bigger and badder." You must be one big and bad dude! Have you fought in a war? Do you have any Purple Hearts -- besides the one you may have received from a paper cut while changing paper in your printer?

We need to forget about political correctness and fight this war, kill the very vermin that hide in these mosques. I don't care what France and Germany think; we need to make dust of these holy sites that terrorists use as fortresses to protect themselves from the bombers that John Kerry voted against!

I think before you contribute your sickness to the readers of your publication, you should think of others. Be the columnist you should be. This country needs fewer Michael Moores, Dan Rathers, and Pete Kotzes!

Mark Dieterich
Olmsted Falls

The greatest generation would puke: I'm 57, and my dad, my uncles, my gym teachers -- every older man I knew was a WWII vet. I guess 40 years is a long time, but I know for certain that a Max Cleland -- in either party, in any state -- would have won by a landslide if a similar smear had been attempted in 1962.

I remember a flap a while back about former Senator Bob Kerrey: Was he a real hero or not? One of the young male reporters asked him about his "silver medal," like he was a fuckin' gymnast or something in Vietnam. Real men -- ordinary men --saved the world, from 1942 to '46. The job wasn't done by cowards, blowhards, and poseurs. You'd think people would be able to tell the difference. Great column.

Steve High
Los Gatos, California

Proclaim it throughout the land: You know how, when you hit a ball just right, there's no vibration? You can hardly feel the impact? You hardly know you made contact, except that the ball is now on its way to another area code? I wonder if "Country Club Swagger" felt like that when you wrote it. It should have.

Pete, you have said something that's needed to be said for a very long time. Your column deserves to be on every op-ed page on the continent. Maybe Matt Lauer can read it out loud on whichever cookie-cutter morning show they run on NBC, just so the rest of the GE employees can hear what real analysis sounds like.

Bob MacMillan
Oakville, Ontario

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