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The menu at today's BugFest features food you won't find at any other summertime bash. Chef Gene White's specialties include mealworm cake and bug salsa. Don't worry about icky bacteria, though. "We learn how to properly prepare them," says Cleveland Metroparks spokesman Bob Rotatori. If creepy-crawly cuisine makes your stomach turn, there are plenty of other insect-related activities going on at the free gathering. Garry Lee sings about his favorite six-legged critters and bug experts haul out a bunch of insects for visitors to fondle. Plus, the Bug Train and Bug Bingo keep the little ones busy. All in all, more than 500 bugs are on exhibit. "There is so much variety in the insect world," says Rotatori. "There's something for everyone."
Sat., Aug. 12, 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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