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California Split

Breakup didn't work out, so band reforms for new CD.


At the top of the decade, indie-rockers Ozma were hailed as the next Weezer. Even Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo chimed in with his support. Then the band broke up. “We were drained,” says singer and bassist Daniel Brummel. “We all tried doing different things and played with different bands. But we looked at how much time we devoted to this, and [getting back together] seemed like the right thing to do.” Last year, three original members regrouped with a new drummer. @cal body 1:Ozma’s new album, Pasadena, pays tribute to its hometown. “It’s a great area,” says Brummel. “You’ve got the whole sunny California vibe. But if you know where to look, it’s a real diverse place.” The CD’s sharp hooks and buzzing guitars are a welcome return after 2003’s Spending Time on the Borderline, a synth-speckled attempt to cash in on the new-wave revival. “We trimmed the fat,” says Brummel. “We wanted to beef up the structures and keep the songs short and tight.” The singer says the hiatus reignited the band. “We spent more time in the studio than we ever have,” he says. “We were a little long-winded in the past. We wanted to open up and get out of our heads this time.”
Sat., June 30, 6 p.m.

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