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Canton Idol

Singing contest searches for the next Jennifer Hudson.


Can’t get enough American Idol? Then check out this weekend’s first round of the Rising Star competition, a three-week contest that takes place at the North Canton Playhouse.

More than 40 singers (including some from Florida and Pennsylvania) attempt to belt their way to next week’s semifinals today and tomorrow. “It doesn’t matter if a person can hit the highest note in the octave,” says organizer Stefanie Coletti. “It’s more important to choose the right song for your vocal style. If you sing country, sing country, and sell it to the audience and the judges.”

Next week, a five-judge panel pares the field to 10 performers, who then square off on February 18 for cash and studio time. Stage presence is a must, says Coletti. “I see people who have beautiful voices, but they look so bored,” she says. “It looks like they don’t want to be there. Make the audience want more.”
Feb. 2-3, 10 a.m.

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