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Carpathian Forest

Fuck You All!!!! (Season of Mist)


Black metal is kinda like the eternal word of God, insofar as it's the same today, tomorrow, and forever: That's kind of the point. Whether that's reactionary or radical depends mainly on where you stand. Carpathian Forest plays old-school black metal; the bandmates are not so pure that they won't spend a few extra dollars to make the sound really loud, but they're pure enough, thanks.

Fuck You All!!!! consists in large part of thrash riffs sped up and stripped of all window dressing; at points it's so primitive that it recalls those zero-budget horror movies of the early '80s, which once lined the walls of your local video store, silent and mysterious and menacing in ways that hadn't really been intended. After all, it wasn't the fake blood that was scary; it was the idea that somebody'd gone to all that effort to make yet another movie about teenagers getting slaughtered out in the woods. Who'd spend all their creative capital on such empty, total nihilism? Well, Carpathian Forest would, for one, and their malevolent glee in so doing is rather impressive, if you go in for that sort of thing. Play it loud while driving past the junior high, and know that inside, somebody's thanking you under his breath.

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