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CD Review: Adelitas Way

Adelitas Way (Virgin)


The self-titled album from Las Vegas rockers Adelitas Way features the kind of songs that would get airplay on WMMS. There's even a link from their MySpace page to WMMS's website where you can request "Invincible," their blustery theme song for the WWE. But don't hold that against them. Lead singer and founding member Rick DeJesus's mixture of singing and screaming makes "Invincible" one of the album's best tunes. But the band isn't one-dimensional. "Brother" is a sad ballad about how DeJesus dealt with his brother's drug addiction, trying not to blame himself. "I've got a lot that's on my mind today/but every man got a story to tell/my brother, watched his life go down the drain/his addiction took control of him," he sings. It's a much softer song than the others on the album, which fall somewhere between these two extremes. — Julia Kazar

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