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CD Review: Big Business

Mind the Drift (Hydra Head)


On album No. 3, Big Business continue on their quest to blow out speakers, puncture drum heads, piss off your parents, cultivate new forms of head-banging and bulldoze the bullshit that passes for hard rock these days. This time they've enlisted six-string mercenary Toshi Kasai to join them on their quest. Don't worry. Kasai's guitar playing doesn't diminish the fabulous scum-thickened low-end devastation that original members Coady Willis and Jared Warren have put in place. Instead, he adds some Zappa-esque flare to the monstrous sludge-fest that Big Business perfected on their previous albums. If anything has changed on Mind the Drift, the band now sounds a bit more proggy. Warren's vocals are more elaborate and soaring, the jackhammer tempos now shift and sway, and playful, carnival asides and major-key stadium celebrations leap from the dark stoner-metal cadences you've come to expect. It's not exactly Big Business' White Album, but it is enough of a songwriting step forward to make it clear that these dudes are in it for the long haul. — Matt Whelihan

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