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CD Review: Cereal Banter

Sunblur (self-released)



This is a weird one. The Cleveland duo's new EP opens with "Free Midgets/Nutrients," a clangy electro number that sounds like something from the soundtrack of an old sci-fi flick. With its clashing cymbals and muffled vocals, it could easily play during a spaceship crash scene or when a giant prehistoric creature comes after the hero. It's disorienting stuff. And the same goes for the other 7 songs here. With its soft vocals and gentle guitar riff, "Sea Dough" is perhaps the most accessible track. Wildly experimental songs like "The Bewildered Cow Wonders Why" and "My I is Blurry" certainly aren't for everyone but they do distinguish the group as one of the local scene's most unique entities. (Jeff Niesel)

Cereal Banter performs with Action Camp and Missile Command at 9 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 3 at Now That's Class. Tickets: $5.

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