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CD Review: Crocodiles

Summer of Hate (Fat Possum)


Like fuzzy new-school noise-rockers No Age and Times New Viking, the San Diego-based Crocodiles wield distortion pedals like paint brushes. On its debut album Summer of Hate, the duo turns its fragmented but surprisingly tuneful punk songs into a snappy, scruffy art project with guitars. Elegiac opener "Screaming Chrome"'s 48 seconds of droning serenity soon give way to the Jesus and Mary Chain's honey-slathered buzz saws on "I Wanna Kill." For the next half hour, Crocodiles amp their lo-fi assault with vibrating riffs, sludgy reverb and cryptic musings (that is, if you can make out the words — the vocals on the dirge-like "Sleeping With the Lord" are barely perceptible). It all comes and goes quickly: Summer of Hate clocks in at less than 34 minutes, capping with a shot of wobbly feedback that spills all over the sonic canvas. — Gallucci

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