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CD Review: Dead Federation

We Await (Dr. Cyclops Records)


Led by longtime punk and former Knifedance and Stepsister front man Tom Dark, Dead Federation evokes campy punk acts like the Cramps and the Misfits on this six-song EP. If the producers of The Walking Dead are looking for songs to add to the TV show's soundtrack, they'll find plenty of good material here. The Alice Cooper-like "She Demon" features wailing guitars and muffled vocals, while Dark sings about staring into the eyes of a frightening "she demon." The sardonic title track makes the most of Dark's sarcastic vocal delivery, and the primitive "Feed My Need" draws inspiration from the Stooges. The rule of thumb here is that the shorter the song, the better. Checking in at less than two minutes, "Zombified" provides a quick blast of raw power and "Dead End America" features a furious burst of noise that suggests, despite the bleak subject matter, these guys are having a blast. — Jeff Niesel

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