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CD Review: Evanescence

Evanescence (Wind-Up)


Amy Lee doesn't fuck around. She gets to her point within the first minute of the opening song on her band's third album: "Remember me? I'm everything you can't control." Lee brandishes the line like a medal of honor, confronting both her lengthy hiatus (it's been five years since The Open Door debuted at No. 1) and difficulty in keeping a band together (this is the third Evanescence lineup in as many albums). This self-titled outing is supposed to be a rebirth, as Lee full-on embraces her goth-pop domain, never for a second even thinking about suppressing her howls over the tinkling pianos and thundering drums that dominate nearly every song. The best tracks here — "What You Want," "My Heart Is Broken" — manage a melodic thrust within the blurry metallic crunch. They offer a little bit of clarity amid Evanescence's musical fog. — Michael Gallucci

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