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CD Review: Forgotten Souls of Antiquity

Forgotten Souls of Antiquity (Tolmie Terrapin)


Forgotten Souls of Antiquity play a mix of SoCal punk and straight-up psychobilly on their self-titled debut, which was recorded at Cleveland's Sync Studios. On the ominous opener "Belly of the Beast," singer BillMike warns "It's a midnight gamble, and I know I'm going to lose," as twangy guitars strum a Stray Cat strut. The song seamlessly segues into the instrumental rave-up "Highway Pipeline." Elsewhere, the trio channels Tom Waits (the waltzy "The Eleventh Hour") and leads local jazzman Norm Tischler through a woozy sax solo on "Lawn Avenue Blues." Covers of the traditional "Down by the Riverside" and the 1970s novelty song "No Surf in Cleveland" show off their eclectic appeal. — Jeff Niesel

Forgotten Souls of Antiquity perform with Madison Crawl and Terra Incognita at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 18, at the Beachland Ballroom. Tickets: $8; call 216-383-1124 or visit

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