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CD Review: Hercules & Love Affair

Blue Songs (Moshi Moshi)


It's not often you hear forest-children flute in a disco track, but then again, Hercules & Love Affair mastermind Andy Butler has never exactly been your run-of-the-mill DJ. The song in question, "Painted Eyes," is a sonic thrill ride, with loads of explosive little production details emerging through a swirl of pulsating synth-bass. On 2008's self-titled debut, Butler invited guest vocalists like weirdo soul crooner Antony Hegarty to mix up his modern take on house, disco, and funk music. Unfortunately, most of Blue Songs is miles away from the terrific debut. The title track is an exception, with a flirty sax fluttering among the gentle pitter-patter of the programmed rhythms. But most songs are like "My House," an embarrassing attempt at dance-floor escapism that sounds like something from A Night at the Roxbury. — Ryan Reed

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