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CD Review: Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage (Roadrunner)

Self-titled albums often indicate that bands have run out of ideas or are just too burned out from writing, pre-production and recording to think of a pertinent title. But who cares about album titles? Killswitch's latest attempt could have been called Scream, Sing and Scold Some More, and we all would have still bought it. The Massachusetts quintet provides the signature riffs and rhythmic changes they're known for. Driving guitars, chugging rhythms, throat-wrenching vocals and almost symphonic harmonies characterize this 11-track masterpiece. From disc opener "Never Again," singer Howard Jones lashes out in a fury of brutal screams followed by angelic melodies. Adam Dutkiewicz hits us with hypnotizing guitars on epic tunes like "Reckoning," "A Light in a Darkened World" and "This Is Goodbye." This will surely be another year of success for the band, and here's hoping mainstream success doesn't spoil the show or inhibit Dutkiewicz's wild stage act — he often wears capes and Daisy Duke-like shorts and flails around stage like the 1960s Batman. — Johnny Angell


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