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CD Review: Moby

Wait for Me (Little Idiot)


The weeping strings on the orchestrated "Division" immediately make it clear that Moby isn't targeting nightclubs with his ninth disc, Wait For Me. After last year's dance fest, Last Night, the mellow vibes on Wait are a pleasant change of pace. The new record shares the mood of earlier efforts like 1995's Everything Is Wrong rather than the more upbeat pop-oriented fare that made 1999's Play such a hit. "Shot in the Back of the Head," a superb instrumental, would fit perfectly on a Mogwai disc with its melodic guitars and underlying tape loops. The dark "Mistake" is a beautifully sad indie-rock affair. Fans know Moby is always testing different genres, but on Wait, he executes such risks better than in the past. Ambient tunes like "Slow Light" and "Isolate" would fit well on a film score — they're essentially classical music with beats. The only track that comes close to Play-era Moby is "Study War," mostly due to use of a vocal sample. We've come to expect curveballs from Moby, and this one's definitely a welcome surprise.

Eddie Fleisher

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