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CD Review: Moby

Destroyed (Mute)


It's been almost 20 years since electronica legend Moby released his self-titled debut. But his age (he's 45) and experience work to his advantage on this, his 10th album. These days, the beats are less the focus and more of an accent. On the emotional opener "The Broken Places," Moby creates a build-up of strings and synths that float peacefully on a subtle yet hypnotic ambient rhythm. The album features a mix of instrumentals and vocal cuts, some of them sung by Moby. His laid-back delivery suits "The Day" — especially during the catchy, almost anthemic chorus. And for fans nostalgic for the sounds Moby mined on 1999's breakthrough Play, "The Right Thing" samples old R&B and gospel records. Only problem: Destroyed is a strange title for an album that sounds so beautiful. — Eddie Fleisher

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