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CD Review: One Day's Notice

... That's What She Said



These pop-punks formed only last year, but already they've played a primo gig on the Warped Tour's local stage last summer. Their debut album doesn't stray much from the genre's formula: The snappy "Shake It Out" and "Out of the Blue" feature call-and-response choruses that sound like a mash-up of Jimmy Eat World and Pennywise. Of course, not all of the hooks are so sharp; "Live and Learn" and "Staring at the Clock" don't really go anywhere. But this young band knows all about catchiness — the greatest asset of any good pop-punk. — Jeff Niesel

One Day's Notice opens for Bowling for Soup at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 4, at Peabody's. Tickets: $15, $17 day of show; call 216-776-9999 or go to

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