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CD Review: Royalchord

The Good Fight (Supply and Demand)


Australians Tammy Haider and Eliza Hiscox, put together their third album on the road, writing songs in Guatemala, France and Germany. After assembling the tracks in "bedrooms, studios, mezzanines, vocal booths, lounge rooms, restrooms and hallways" and going through several lineup changes, the duo finally settled on light, upbeat pop melodies with Middle-Eastern-sounding music. On "Magic Hands," the guitar playing grabs you as the pleasant vocals draw you in even further. "All Your Caribbean" pays homage to the events that led to the making of the album. The lyrics are repetitive and a little dull, but the music is some of the best on the album, all light percussion and staccato guitar. Not everything works. "Turn My Life Around" and "It's Not Who" are forgettable and uninspiring. But overall, The Good Fight is a well-produced album that transcends the haphazard way it came together. — Julia Kazar

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