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CD Review: Spoon

Transference (Merge)


As Spoon's sound evolves, one element remains constant: the cool swagger of their rhythm. Much like Penelope Cruz's hip sway, the songs on Transference have a confident strut that moves coolly with Jim Eno's drums. It's noticeable throughout the album, from the bass-heavy funk of "The Mystery Zone" to "Written in Reverse," where frontman Britt Daniel howls about calling a hearse in a shaggy, world-weary tone. The Austin natives have fun with "Who Makes Your Money," a seductive "who's your daddy" callout to the indie-rock generation. Spoon produce themselves for the first time, and the results are interesting. In the middle of a song, a snarling guitar drops out suddenly or an entire mix fades into an echoing, distant version of itself. The hooky chorus of "I Saw the Light" rapidly mutates into an eerily melodic bridge. Muddled bass and drums add a nice sludge to "Trouble Comes Running," the perfect three-minute cure for a bad day. — Danielle Sills

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