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CD Review: Swarms of Bats

There Is No Tomorrow



These industrial rockers include former members of the emo band Brandtson, who opt for a more primal and direct approach than their old group used to take. Swarm of Bats claim they recorded their debut album with "shitty mics and a crummy laptop," but There Is No Tomorrow doesn't come off that unpolished. Songs like "Pretty Gone" (which sounds a little like the Strokes) and the moody "(R U) Street Legal" feature sneering vocals and groovy guitar riffs, while the distorted noise of "Just Say It" recalls Nine Inch Nails. Other tracks — like "They Came From Above" and "Pretty Gone" — do a spectacular job of balancing meaty guitar riffs with electronic flourishes and catchy choruses. This is one Swarm you won't mind getting caught up in.

Jeff Niesel

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