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CD Review: The Amprays

Brave New Strange (self-released)



A side project for Rosavelt's Kevin Grasha, who records here as "A.K. Strange," The Amprays are a power-pop/alt-country act that simultaneously recall classic rockers like Tom Petty and college rockers such as R.E.M. While ballads such as "Fly Girl" and "Cold Sweat Goodbye" have a real tenderness to them, "4 Blank Walls" is a balls-to-wall rocker that shows just how great these guys sound when they let loose. The rousing "All of this Hasn't Happened" also ups the ante and borders on psychedelic rock. The album is probably too eclectic for its own good, but then you could say the same thing about Wilco's most recent albums. It's been six years since The Amprays' last studio album (2007's Low Sun Fire) and this marks a welcomed return. — Jeff Niesel

The Amprays perform with Rosavelt and Old Boy at 8 p.m. on Friday, May 3 at Brothers Lounge.


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