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CD Review: Vigatron

Tactical Bastard



When a rapper references Fight Club, he's trying to get attention. When he does it well, he deserves that attention. Vigatron opens the Tactical Bastard EP with a quote from the 1999 movie, but it's the second track that serves as the MC's formal introduction: "My name's Vigatron, the abomination of Cleveland." Actually, he's more of an amalgamation. Think N.W.A. with an emphasis on the "attitude," coupled with Del the Funky Homosapien's esoteric funkiness. Vigatron's flow is tight and creative; he stumbles only on "Two One Six," which forces its tough-guy stance. But he recovers on the big-grooved "BigH8te" and "Fragile," which features perhaps the best hip-hop mandolin you'll ever hear. — Ben Gifford

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