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Sachsenheim Hall



Tucked into the dingy — and we mean that in the most positive of ways — inner workings of Sachsenheim Hall, that century-old building on Denison, is one of the best Taco Tuesdays you'll find in town. Everyone slings bargain tacos one day a week, but Sachsenheim is one of the few that serves up chorizo, fish, beef, and chicken varieties full of those bold flavors you won't find at your corner bar. Jamaican, chipotle-bacon, habañero: It's all on the menu here, and it's all $1. Besides being a Taco Tuesday destination, the Sach stands alone as a great bar where you'll find liters of German beer for pennies along with a ping pong table, a friendly bar staff, and an eclectic crowd of Clevelanders from old to young, hipsters to neighborhood folks, all with obvious good taste for having found their way to this little-known gem. — Vince Grzegorek

At 7001 Dennison Ave., 216-651-0888, facebook.com/sachsenheim.hall

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