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Myth Takes (Warp)


If you're not already a fan, this disc isn't going to change that. One of the few punk-funk acts dedicated to deep-seated grooves rather than jagged guitars and disjointed rhythms, !!!'s (often pronounced 'chk chk chk') third album only checks the air and changes the oil. After a decade in existence, this eight-piece has a wonderful chemistry that allows the panoply of sounds to shimmy on and off the floor without stepping on any feet. But not only is this seamless quality one of !!!'s best assets, it's the band's biggest fault: While there's a lot of fun when shaking your moneymaker, it's hard to remember a single memorable melody when the 10-track, 50-minute party is over. Sure, the full, nuanced atmospheres are rife with understated detail, but they remain indistinct from one another.

The album's top tracks include the parched and haunted western twang of the title track and the spacey, blue-eyed disco soul of "Heart of Hearts," which is like Hall & Oates going on a two-day bender through James Brown's leftover stash. Myth Takes is a great party-starter that's light on ballast.

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