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Chris Robinson & the New Earth Mud

Wednesday, May 12, at the Odeon.


In the early '90s, as frontman for the Black Crowes, Chris Robinson was simultaneously a modern rock star and a throwback to an earlier era. His devotion to the '70s was visible in his hairy face, his stick-thin physique, and his penchant for tie-dyes; the music didn't lie either, with Stones-meets-Faces faves like "Remedy" and "Hard to Handle" finding a home on radio and MTV.

These days, Robinson is mostly a tabloid darling, thanks to his marriage to Kate Hudson. But he hasn't stopped making music, and his current band, the New Earth Mud, is back on the road, supporting this summer's The Magnificent Distance. The album meanders a bit: "40 Days" wouldn't sound out of place on a Crowes record, and "Train Robbers" draws its licks not from blasting guitars, but from subtle xylophone. Robinson's show should still be a retro-rock riot. And with rumors of a full-on Crowes tour on the horizon, longtime fans may even get to hear some of their old-school favorites.

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