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Chris Trapper

Friday, May 12, at the Beachland.


By all accounts, Chris Trapper should be a household name. The singer-songwriter moved to Boston during the early '90s and quickly established himself as a lone folkie with a guitar case full of idiosyncratic characters. Trapper's songs have appeared in film and TV soundtracks as well as on Great Big Sea's Sea of No Cares release, which even earned him a SOCAN Award in Canada.

Trapper is perhaps best known for fronting the pop-rock trio the Push Stars; his endearing melodies and insightful lyrics have inspired acclaim from critics and fans over the past decade. On his second solo effort, Gone Again, Trapper takes a turn fronting a different Beantown act -- the Wolverine Jazz Band. Rather than bow to cover-tune trends, Trapper and company recorded all originals the old-fashioned way: lo-fi, live, in a one-night session. Results are deliciously Big and Easy, with Dixieland banjos, ragtime brass, and woodwinds delivered with aplomb.

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