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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Sunday, October 1, at the House of Blues.


Whether you despise the bandmates or crush on them hardcore, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has made indie rock freaking exciting again (step aside, Arcade Fire). Last year the Brooklyn-via-Philly band of nerdlike literati wooed both Pitchfork enthusiasts and the blogger elite with its eponymous debut album of quirky, smarty-pants art rock. The self-released Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has sold 110,000 copies (and counting) in the U.S., and David Bowie and David Byrne have been spotted at their shows. With such success without a label, the group has decided to remain unsigned in the U.S.

CYHSY offers a little bit of everything for the indie-rock sweetheart in all of us. Listen to the languid guitar drones of "In This Home of Ice," and enjoy the Warholian head trip of "Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away" as it fuels the band's footloose, funk-pop reverie.

The Aussie indie-pop octet Architecture in Helsinki and New York's chamber-pop newbie Takka Takka open.

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