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Clarence Bucaro

Sense of Light (Rounder)


Already an experienced road warrior with extensive nationwide touring and a few European opening dates under his belt, 23-year-old Chardon native Clarence Bucaro appears poised to make a frontal assault on the music scene. Of course, it's not likely he'd describe it that way himself.

Classic folkie themes of peace, social justice, and the environment are the fare here. As it is with all the better songsmiths, Bucaro's message is as strong as his music. His heartfelt delivery meshes well with the horn-laced acoustic atmosphere. The New Orleans production features just enough touches of regionalism and the occasional hot solo to enhance Bucaro's craft without distracting from it. In the post-Norah Jones universe, where more ears have opened to laid-back, jazz-leaning sounds, a love affair between radio programmers and this disc is a good bet.

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