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Coco Montoya

Friday, November 15, at the Beachland Ballroom.


Coco Montoya
  • Coco Montoya

As generations pass, blues music survives more and more in hybridized forms with rock or soul, rather than played straight-up. While this trend may displease some purists, artists such as guitarist-vocalist Coco Montoya have thrived in this mixed atmosphere.

Since ending a 10-year stint with John Mayall in the early '90s, this disciple of the Alberts -- Collins and King -- has amassed a respectable solo catalog showcasing a playing style marked by his heroes, but with lots of bare-knuckle rock and roll, and brawny, soulful vocals woven in.

Robert Cray fans should take special note: On Montoya's latest, Can't Look Back, he spends a good deal of time trolling in the murky, lovelorn waters where one usually finds Cray. Blues fans, dive in.

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