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The Colors Inside (Mind the Gap Records)


Collideascope's roots as a cover band are on display on its debut. The Colors Inside is happy-go-lucky rock indebted to Cheap Trick and the Who, while catchy tunes like "Catch 22" and "Don't You Know" showcase a serious Beatles infatuation. All four members of the Akron quartet share vocal duties and writing credits. Although the results are always easy on the ears, The Colors Inside could use some darker moods.

But cheerfulness is probably the standard product for four middle-aged men with successful day jobs who play rock and roll for the sheer fun of it. Bassist-vocalist Rob Hermanowski is a psychiatrist by day, and the disc goes down like a dose of Prozac. The highs aren't overly stimulating, and the lows aren't excruciating. The album just floats along pleasantly.

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