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Comic Jim Breuer at Hilarities

When: Feb. 17-18 2012

When comedian Jim Breuer says his show has something for everyone, he’s not kidding. Then again, he is — since Something for Everyone is the working title of his upcoming comedy special. It’s also the theme for his weekend performances at Hilarities — what he calls a clean, no-cussing, family-friendly routine fit for multiple generations. “Just consider me a modern-day Cosby in a Metallica T-shirt,” says Breuer, a devoted family guy — and heavy metal fan — who first got his groove on during a four-year run on Saturday Night Live. (You may remember him as the 1990s’ Goat Boy.) Since then, Breuer has distinguished himself by mining his relationship with his elderly, dementia-stricken father and three young daughters for laughs. “Part of it is painful,” he admits. “But I have to find the humor in it. And that’s the reason I started moving my show into a family direction. I looked at Cosby, Seinfeld, and Brian Regan — they are all so funny! — and realized there was just no reason to curse.” All of which, he hastens to add, doesn’t mean his routines don’t kill: “I’m in crushing mode right now,” he promises. “I’m ready to kick some butt!” Breuer performs four shows tonight and tomorrow at Hilarities. Tonight’s curtains are at 7:30 and 10:15 p.m. Tickets are $20 to $28 by phone, online, or at the box office. Check out the website for details.