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With Some Girls, Ringworm, Modern Life Is War, and Blacklisted. Tuesday, November 28, at Peabody's.


You Fail Me, Converge's 2004 debut for Epitaph, earned the hardcore band waves of fans. Unfortunately, it lacked the intensity of previous efforts, so old fans were disappointed. No Heroes, on the other hand, sees Converge reasserting itself: It's an extreme-music masterpiece, brutalizes the ears unlike any other in the band's 15-year history. Live, Jacob Bannon dives into the crowd and paces the stage like a tiger stalking its prey, while guitarist Kurt Ballou and bassist Nate Newton violently thrash. The band's former label, Equal Vision, once described these madmen as "kids with glasses kicking the shit out of each other." No better description exists.

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