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Cruise Control

When: Sat., Aug. 3, 11:55 p.m. 2013

Between Ridley Scott’s early successes Alien (1979) and Bladerunner (1982) and his later masterpiece Gladiator (2000), he directed what is surely his most ridiculous film: Legend (1985), starring a baby-faced Tom Cruise as a long-locked, leather-clad jungle man who must stop the Lord of Darkness (voiced by the Cedar Lee’s favorite, Tim Curry) from destroying daylight and marrying the woman he loves. If you missed that, the Lord of Darkness is literally trying to destroy daylight. That’s the premise of this 80s cult classic (though to call it a cult classic implies that a few of you have even heard of it). “There will be no more...dawn” growls Curry in the bizarre trailer’s finale, amidst scepters and pan flutes and lots of steam. It’s no wonder this gem will be showing at Cedar Lee’s Late Shift tonight at midnight. (Sam Allard)

Price: $5

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