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With Cattle Decapitation, Devilinside, and the Autumn Offering. Monday, March 21, at the House of Blues.


No genre is for everyone, but extremely technical death metal really separates the men from the boys. There are folks who can handle the lightning-speed tempo changes, the drumbeats that sound like a thousand locusts crash-landing on the roof of a corrugated metal shed, and the squiggly high-pitched guitar solos. Other people -- and make no mistake, they're the majority -- prefer melody and choruses.

Cryptopsy is definitely not for them. These French-Canadian psychos are one of the most underrated, under-recognized bands in metal. Each of their first three studio albums -- Blasphemy Made Flesh, None So Vile, and Whisper Supremacy -- is a crash course in pure death metal, possessing all the qualities described above, taken to horrifying levels of intensity and monomaniacal focus. Their fourth release, And Then You'll Beg, was a little cleaner than its predecessors, but was still miles from commercial crossover capability. They haven't put out a new studio disc since 2000, but there's one on the way this year -- the first since None So Vile to feature original vocalist Lord Worm. If mind-roasting, head-spinning technical death metal is your thing, Cryptopsy is your band.

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