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Wednesday, October 4, at the Beachland Ballroom.


There's every reason in the world to think that at some point, Gary Glitter and Peaches hooked up and squeezed out a love child. At least, that's the indication given by CSS, a sextet from São Paulo, Brazil. Its debut, Cansei de Ser Sexy, is a hoot, the kind of thing that gets "serious" dance-music aficionados' thongs in a bunch, as CSS relieves itself on the pretensions of trust-fund remixer culture. The bandmates palm-smash analog synths, add skuzzy, butt-simple guitar riffs, and go with a ginchy gal called Lovefoxx, whose comely drone is like a backwards-spun Bridget Bardot single, spouting such gems as "I sound like crap, and people ask for more."

Ladytron? Well, give it credit for touring with a band that openly mocks the too-cool world in which Ladytron prances. But the bands probably hang out backstage together, sharing Ibiza war stories.

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