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On February 28, Fire's Doug Katz will showcase the wines of Piedmont in a five-course meal that serves as nod to his 2006 trip to Turin for Slow Food International's Terra Madre conference. From artisanal cheeses to grains, dairy to produce, as well as some of the best rice and polenta dishes around the globe, the region's culinary delights left a lasting impression. So when a trusted wine rep recently phoned Katz to tell him about some wonderful Piedmont wines that had just been made available, it wasn't long before the Piedmont Wine Dinner was booked. Sommelier Todd Thompson selected the wines and Katz built a menu around his picks. Tonight at 6:30, the masterfully paired five-course offering tells the story of the region. Be forewarned: the dinner might prompt an uncontrollable urge to book a trip to Italy. $85 per person, excluding tax and gratuity. For reservations, call 216-921-3473.

On Sunday, March 3, in the midst of the Beachland's 13th anniversary weekend celebration, the legendary concert club will also be dishing up a Rockin' Brunch. The tribute, also featuring the delightful staff that's manned the kitchen and front of the house for the Sunday meal mainstay, will include food specials outside of the Beachland's regular brunch menu. Manager Monica Doyle says, "The staff will dress like they did 13 years ago or simply run with the 'Lucky 13' theme. We always offer a choice here." DJ Pops of the Secret Soul Club will spin the tunes while you enjoy the late-morning party. Call 216-383-1124.

On Monday, March 4, Barrio in Tremont will lead a vegan celebration. When co-owner Joe Kahn posted a Facebook inquiry about a dedicated vegan menu, the response was overwhelming. "We received our biggest response to a post to date, so I felt like we were ready to start coming up with the menu and a promotion," he says. Out of that simple post, Meatless Mondays where born. Starting today at 4 p.m., Barrio will be offering five specialty vegan/vegetarian delights: the falafel taco, grilled eggplant and shiitake taco, grilled tempeh Reuben, seitan Philly cheese steak taco and smoked BBQ tofu taco. "Meatless Mondays is an homage to vegan and vegetarians everywhere," he says.

Speaking of Mondays, the Italian eatery Flour in Moreland Hills understands how easy it can be to get a case of the Mondays, especially in the kitchen. So Flour is instituting Pizza-licious Mondays: grab any of the restaurant's pies for only $8. And we're not talking Domino's. Owner/Chef Paul Minnillo, along with Chef Matt Mytro, have designed their restaurant around their custom wood-burning pizza oven. "There is no substitution for authentic Italian pizza," Minnillo declares. "Everything else is an Americanized version of what it should be." Their secret is the simple yet refined tastes of both the sauce and dough, coupled with the custom wood oven. Dinner problem solved. www.flourrestaurant.com

On Tuesday, March 5, Swirl Wine Bar in Solon will kick off Wine Tasting Tuesdays, which sounds like as good a reason to get out of bed as anything else. A modest $10 will score you five wines from various regions and varietals from difference price points. Included in the tasting is a specialty cheese or small plate, because everyone needs a nibble. Tonight, Swirl will be showcasing California wines—a journey up the West Coast with pairings from Chef Corey Kosel, a California native. Move over Wino Wednesdays. You have competition. www.swirlsolon.com

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