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Culture Jamming: Wtf? Now In Hd!

Donnie Darko Tops This Week's Pop Culture Picks




Donnie Darko

(Twentieth Century Fox)

One of the greatest mindfucks of all time finally comes to Blu-ray, and the details are stunning. The disc includes both the theatrical and director's cuts of the movie. Go for the latter - the whole time-travel thing makes a little more sense with the additional 20 minutes. Director Richard Kelly's commentary also helps sort it all out.



(Sony Pictures)

Richard Attenborough's Oscar-hogging biopic still ranks as one of the greatest, with Ben Kingsley slimming down for his best role as the Indian peacemaker. The new Blu-ray release absorbs the vast setting for a disc that looks downright spectacular. Extras include newsreel footage of the real Gandhi plus an incisive chronicle of the man's legacy.


Halo Wars


The latest outing in the celebrated series for the Xbox 360 isn't the usual sci-fi shooter. It's more like an RPG, as gamers build and maneuver armies to defeat the evil Covenant. But unlike most RPGs, which are major snoozes, Halo Wars is actually fun to play - especially when you start sending in big-ass vehicles to wipe out tiny enemies.


Volcano Suns reissues


After Boston post-punks Mission of Burma split up, drummer Peter Prescott formed Volcano Suns. They released a few albums, which most people never heard. These reissues expand 1985's debut, The Bright Orange Years, and the following year's All Night Lotus Party. They're filled with buzzing guitars and proto-indie-rock vocals, plus a live version of Prince's "1999."


Beth Orton: Trailer Park: Legacy Edition


Orton's 1996 debut gets the deluxe treatment on this two-disc set, which includes B-sides, live cuts, early takes and instrumentals. But it's the British singer-songwriter's still-mesmerizing record - basically folk songs spiked with liberal doses of trip-hop - that's the big deal here. Name another folkie who's recorded with the Chemical Brothers and Four Tet.

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