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Top Pop Culture Picks for the Week




Greg Friedman

Can’t Talk Now

(Populuxe Records)

This San Diego-based singer-songwriter has a good ear for pop hooks. That much is apparent right from the start of this fine album. The opening tune, “Melancholy Melody,” is every bit as infectious as anything by Weezer and even features a groovy mid-song guitar solo. The rest of the disc is just as engaging as he simmers down for the gentle “Hear the Sound” and “Pancake I Love” while still delivering a nice quotient of power-pop to keep things lively.

Warm Bodies


It’s any wonder Warm Bodies, yet another zombie apocalypse flick, has a chance. From Zombieland to Shaun of the Dead, there’s been a glut of zombie stories in recent years. And yet, director Jonathan Levine’s coming-of-age post-plague film somehow manages to carve out a niche and is a really smart romantic comedy.

Breaking Bad: The Fifth Season

(Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

The best damn show on TV. The DVD of the fifth season arrives just as AMC prepares to launch the sixth and final season.

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